[GE dev] Thank you from the project owner
(too old to reply)
2010-12-27 15:58:39 UTC

I'd didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to also express my
personal thanks prior to these mailing lists becoming inactive.

I've been the project owner of the Grid Engine project since its
inception in 2001 and, moreover, I've also godfathered the product and
technologies many years before which ultimately have been open sourced
back then. Building the open source project, attracting a community and
working with you all has been a rewarding experience for everyone in my
team. You've given us direct feedback regarding how you use Grid Engine
and which problems you solve or encounter. This is something which is
often hard to receive as directly for development engineering groups
when working in large corporations.

Thanks in particular to those who have been very active and vocal in the
project. I had the pleasure to meet many of you during the several
workshops we have been organizing. Thanks also to everyone who has
contributed code, solutions, HowTos and similar.

I trust the community will move on to the Open Grid Scheduler project.
Hope to see you there!




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